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my resources. [Friday
December 31st, at 11:51am]
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moved [Saturday
June 10th, at 8:03pm]

NOW YOU CAN FIND ME ON springshape

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37 new icons. [Friday
March 24th, at 9:40am]

Models, Ashlee Simpson, Veronica Mars icons.


Comment and credit, please.
Put on your server, no hotlinking.
Textless icons aren't bases.
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40 new icons. [Wednesday
March 22nd, at 10:00am]
Lost, Models and Lindsay Lohan icons.

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38 new icons. [Tuesday
March 21st, at 9:05am]
Ashlee Simpson, MKA Olsen, Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan icons.

more here.Collapse )
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March 19th, at 6:39pm]
Aw, I'm embittered cause fifth season of gilmore girls in tv finished. I'm used to watching it every saturday evening, and now what? Ok, there is one good news- on tv will be another season of friends, which I love too. But gilmores are positively much... lovely? Something like that. Anyway, I'm glad of what happend in the last episode of GG...
I admit that new icons will be on monday or tuesday. My philosophy competition is gradually nearer and nearer and I must start learn. Take care. :)

AD: rachelmedia
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March 18th, at 2:04pm]
31 icons with Jessica Simpson, Ashanti and nature.
If you are taking any, remember: comment & credit.
Icons without text are not bases.


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changes. [Monday
March 13th, at 6:39pm]
I changed my layout totally. It's very specific, so I'm sure that some of you will say that it's scurvy, and I must say that in this group will be my dear friends papermovie. Am I right, hun? :)
Anyway, I thin you will get used to it. I think that about a seventy of my new icons (yay, big number, I know) are going to appear in this week.
With cordial greetings, your Lambeer.
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March 7th, at 10:24am]

Hi guys,
Today I have for you 23 icons:
16 text icons and 7 with Fergie form Black Eyed Peas.

check what's there.Collapse )

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March 4th, at 6:38pm]

My first brushes set.

here.Collapse )


February 27th, at 6:07pm]

42 new icons:
18 Veronica Mars
6 MKA Olsen
6 Friends

+ credit and comment- yes!
+ edit and hotlinking- no!

cut, cut.Collapse )

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:O [Monday
February 27th, at 3:56pm]
Something strange happened.
I opened newspaper this morning and this is what I saw:
"Belgian and Swiss police closed the biggest server which was used to downloading files, which was working in net eDonkey- Razorback. There was about 170 millions files. Majority was illegal."
Oh God. I'm scared not because I lost the best server which I was using. I don't know what can happened if police started to searching for people who were using Razorback...


first tut. [Saturday
February 25th, at 4:32pm]
My first tutorial. 

From this to
under the cutCollapse )
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February 19th, at 1:50pm]
As I told you yesterday, here are my new icons.
They are with Gwen Stefani, Liv Tyler, Bruce Dickinson, GG, Katja Flint, Rihanna, Lindsay Lohan, Olsen Twins, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie.

rest-hereCollapse )
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well, i'm back? [Thursday
February 16th, at 5:47pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

Hi guys. I just wanna let you know that I didn't die or something like that. I'm bizzy beacause of school, my friends (I'm non stop going out somewhere, and that's why my marks are gradually getting worse and worse... It's not good, I know) etc.
Plus, I'm ill! It's starnge awaful and of course my illness is strange. I have strong headache and my throat is hurting me. I can't sleep at night and I'm sleeping in school. God, something is wrong with me, isn't it?
Anyway, take care. Icons will be tommorow, I suppose.

Credit to: bluestlight, ginni, shimmeryicons and obsessed_fae. We know why.

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20 icons! [Sunday
January 15th, at 1:08pm]
Yesterday I watched Price And Prejudice... It's wonderful movie, really! It's worth to see it.
So, today:
[3] Kasia Nosowska
[3] Naomi Watts
[1] Avril Lavigne
[10] Pride And Prejudice
King Arthur


c'monCollapse )
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7 icons [Thursday
January 12th, at 5:56pm]
[3] Wasabi
[4] Kill Bill vol.2
credit: http://photobucket.com/albums/v114/indicaps/


hereCollapse )
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January 1st, at 4:43pm]
oh. my. god.
it's my main reflection after yesterday.

if you wanna know what happend yesterday...Collapse )
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December 29th, at 11:03am]
sorry, today I don't have icons... you should forgive me, I'm so fuckin' bizzy.
I have a lot of work in school, I mean, now is break but still- I have so many things to do, especially I must lern philosophy cause my teacher said that I must take part in competition... geez.
Anyway, thank you very much- I mean people who decide to include me to their friends- you're lovely!
I hope write soon, see ya guys!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Luke and Lorelai... only ahh and ohh :)
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back! [Tuesday
December 27th, at 10:54am]
Today: set of 10 icons from Gilmore Girls!


yeah, get them!Collapse )
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